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Extraordinary stories. Some survived Nazi concentration camps. Others lived in hiding. All lost loved ones. Some accounts bring you to tears. All are about the triumph of the human spirit. Today in their 80s and 90s, and the heart of their families, they are resilient, tough, hard-working, argumentative, funny and busy. The women – and one or two men! – have been cooking all their lives. Their recipes are alongside their life stories. 


 This is an oral history project, focussed on food. The life time’s work of these survivors was building a new life – and a new family.  That’s why we are gathering their recipes, alongside their life stories. And we need your support! We want you to add your recipes to our archive, and to contact us to include your grandmother (or grandfather) in our project. Remember - Food is Life. Food is family. Food is Love. Join us!

Nothing tastes as good as the food your grandmother makes!  We are preserving the recipes of vanished Jewish communities across the globe - Europe, Russia, Central Asia and North Africa. You will find Mediterranean summer delicacies and Russian winter specialities. All varied, all Jewish, all delicious - of course, since they are prepared with love.